Monday, March 21, 2011

Curtis Stone: Because He's Hot!!


When it comes to Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone, you take one look at this 6'4 piece of man candy and the post writes itself. Not only is Curtis handsome, the man can cook! Nothing is sexier than a man or woman who can make dinner and then provide dessert afterwards. Hint hint.

                                 Curtis Stone apron picture
At the age of 5, Curtis began cooking with his grandmother. Since then, he has cooked for top restaurants in Australia and London, written various books, and created a line of kitchenware. If you wanna know about what this chef is up to now, he currently co-hosts NBC's "America's Next Best Restaurant."

While competing on last season's "Celebrity Apprentice," where he made it to 4th place, a female contestant, who obviously had a huge crush on him, gave him hell. After her lust turned to unwarranted hatred, Curtis had to deal with the wrath of a hot chick who was pissed that he wouldn't service her with his almighty bone; and how could you blame her for wanting to tap dat a*s?!

When faced with adversity on Apprentice, Curtis took it all in stride and remained kind to everyone. It's actually very difficult to find photos of Stone where he's not grinning from ear to ear. For making women all over the world hungry when they're actually full, Curtis is this week's Because He's Hot guy. We want a sample of what he's cookin'!

Curtis Stone photo  Curtis Stone picture  Curtis Stone pic  Curtis  Curtis Stone image

Curtis Stone cooks  Curtis Stone in the kitchen  Curtis Stone  Curtis Stone event

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