Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to over come trauma

 Whether you have been in an accident or natural disaster,family abuse or were the victim of childhood abuse, the resulting trauma is similar. Pervasive fear and feelings of helplessness are natural reactions to events you probably had little or no control over. “I was totally traumatized,” and “I thought I was going to die,” are among the most often used phrases.

Ways to overcome the “aftershocks” of traumatic incidents:

Recognize that your symptoms are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances. Although you may feel like you are out of control or “going crazy,” in reality, you are experiencing what are called post-traumatic stress symptoms. 

Talk about your thoughts, feeling and reactions to the events with people you trust. Then, talk about it some more. Keep talking about it until you have no need to talk about it anymore. 

As much and as quickly as possible, resume your normal activities and routines. Traumatic events can throw your life into a state of chaos. The sooner you resume these activities and routines, the more normal your life will feel. Structure can provide feelings of security as you etch your way back to stability. 

Image: Lorraine Bracco, James Gandolfini in "The Sopranos"
Seek therapy. Psychotherapy who specializes in trauma, is often very effective in helping people overcome the aftermath of trauma. If you can’t stop thinking about what happened; if you are always feeling anxious and on guard; if you find yourself avoiding your normal routines or if you are experiencing some of the other symptoms of post-traumatic stress


Be patient with yourself. Healing takes time. Your recovery will have it’s ups and downs.

Remember, you may have been victimized but you do not have to continue being a victim.
Your traumatic experience can make you a stronger and wiser person. 

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