Saturday, March 26, 2011

Traffic Resumes After Kuopio Pile-Up

Dozens of cars were totalled in the Kuopio incident.
Dozens of cars were totalled in the Kuopio incident.
Image: YLE

Traffic has returned to normal on Highway 5 in Kuopio, eastern Finland, following Thursday’s pileup involving more than 70 vehicles. The chain collision occurred around 2.30 pm on the Kallansillat section of the motorway, six kilometres north of Kuopio.
Dozens of cars struck each other on the motorway’s southbound lanes, while one lorry and one car collided in the northbound lanes. At least 12 people were treated at hospitals, including a two-year-old. Around 60 others were slightly injured.

Police say that 71 cars were involved in the chain collision, and nearly all were damaged.
The accidents occurred near the site where a new bridge is under construction. At the time, there was very heavy snowfall and strong winds. Police say that visibility was near zero, and that it was "a small miracle" that no-one was killed or seriously hurt in the accidents.
The highway was reopened around 5.30 pm after the damaged vehicles had been moved to the parking lot of a nearby supermarket.
Finland's worst chain collisions took place in 2005 in Helsinki, when nearly 400 vehicles crashed simultaneously in five places. Three people were killed.


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