Saturday, March 26, 2011

UV Radiation at High Level This Weekend

More UV radiation from the sun is reaching Finland than usual because of the depleted ozone layer.
Image: YLE / Timo Heikura

Ultraviolet radiation is going to be at exceptionally high levels in Finland over the weekend and at the start of next week. The rise in UV radiation is down to an area of depleted ozone passing over Finland.
The UV index is predicted to hit level three, if the weather is clear. The normal level of UV radiation at this time of year is 1.5.
The World Health Organisation advises that people protect themselves from the sun when the level rises above three.
Particular attention should be paid to eye protection, because they are most at risk from UV radiation and the radiation reflects off snow.
Ozone is currently at around 35 percent less than usual. Normally ozone runs at around 400 Dobson units, but the level has now fallen to 260 Dobson units.

source yle.

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