Monday, April 11, 2011

Bridal Shower a.k.a Kitchen Party!!

Our Bride to be Marimar With Cleopatra style! She look Beautiful and the party was fun and full of Love! Sis u deserve being the bride to be of the year!! Love You


Dera dresses for all the guests! Beautiful Culture!


  1. Beautiful Sisters! Masyallah.. *love*

  2. hello! the bridal shower was nice and everybody looked beautiful, however i have been liking these deras so much and would like to own some, where can i get beautiful deras like the ones i saw here( the orange and yellow? they really are nice, thanks.

  3. thanx Shareena!
    @ Anonymous, hi i think you can get them anywere u want u just have to ask to the right people! The one on the bridal shower are all from Tanzania. If u have a friend o family o anyone going to Africa just try and ask them to bring you one! Thnx

  4. Mashallah bibie you looked pretty on ur All the best on the new beginning of ur new life. Nasubiri pics nyingine nizirushe kiokote.

  5. kiokote usijali inshaallah will send them to you when i get them all



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