Sunday, May 22, 2011


Have you all heard about the beautiful caves in my home town Tanga Tanzania, I would recommend you to visit them some day.

Amboni Caves are natural limestone underground caves formed during the natural Jurassic age around 150 millions ago. There are 10 caves, with fascinating chambers, the longest is about 900m long. One of the caves is used for guided tours, some are up to 13 meters high.  They form the most extensive cave system in East Africa. 

The caves have got almost 12 stops there is a stop where you could see  the stalactites grow as downwards limestone pillars or columns, stalagmites grow upwards

 Some of the features you could see are an airplane wing, a human skull, a map of the African continent, and an elephant head.
 At the ninth stop stands Mount Kilimanjaro and the American Statue of Liberty while at the thenth stop there are statues of Virgin Mary and Angel G abriel with an open Bible


  1. yeps I remembered entering them with you and at one point we were all screaming cause the damn bats suddenly woke up and were flying all over the place. What excitement sure lets visit them again... not... haaahaa

  2. Maybe one day, they look awesome!!



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