Friday, May 6, 2011


Alex Loudon: Pippa Middleton's Boyfriend!!

All of you men who have been drooling over Pippa Middleton and praying for a chance to land someone so close to royalty for yourself, please put your tongues away.... Pippa Middleton has a boyfriend. *sigh*

             Pippa Middleton At Wedding Alex Loudon Picture
Pippa is currently dating 30 year-old Alex Loudon. Who? Exactly. Alex is actually a pal of Prince William since the two attended the prestigious UK prep school Eton together. Alex used to be a sporty cricket player but retired and decided to follow in his father James Loudon's businessman footsteps and attended the London Business School, and currently works as a stockbroker.
Pippa and Alex have been dating for a year and it sounds like it's serious enough for them to eventually make the walk down the aisle themselves.
Alex and Pippa "have been virtually living together in London, and Pippa is a regular visitor to his family's stately home in Kent, Olantigh Towers. Alex can't see himself spending his future with anyone else, and Pippa, although very picky, thinks Alex ticks all the right boxes — he has the family pile in the country, a smart job in London and he is very handsome."
It's a sad day for any man who thought he had the chance to bag a Middleton girl.

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