Monday, May 23, 2011


                                      SPECIAL THANX!!
 I Would love to give out my special thanxx to all PETMIR fans/ Readers! I Started with couple of friends and now i have lots of people following my blog! Its wonderful to feel like someone is always there to read n check out my blog! I have used so many pics from different websites n blogs,i hope i havent offended anyone! but its for a good use! :)) I would like to ask all the readers to check the blogs i have added, coz they also have cool stuffs! I would also love to thank my loving sister marwa (marimar) for all the help n support with this blog coz without her my blog wouldnt be that known and active! I love u sis!Thank you lord for giving n showing me so many special people around the world!Thanx guys! I love u alooot!!!

       ASANTE                              SHUKRAN


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