Friday, June 17, 2011

Bacteria found in Nakkila water.

A cup being filled with water
Nakkila residents are advised to boil their water for at least five minutes.
Image: YLE

Water samples taken on Tuesday have shown the presence of coliform bacteria in drinking water in Nakkila, Satakunta, in the west of Finland. Households should boil water for at least five minutes before use. The samples were taken as part of routine checks.

The source of the bacteria has not yet been confirmed, but it is very likely that it comes from an animal, according to a local health inspector. The water board has increased chlorination levels in the water. The advice to boil water will remain in force until at least midday on Saturday, when authorities will announce the results of tests on samples taken on Friday.

According to the health inspector, Nakkila health centre has not yet received a single patient presenting symptoms connected to the contamination.
Nakkila municipality will give more information on Saturday at midday.

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