Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bachelorette: West Lee's Wife Sarah Young Lee Died From Drowning in a Bathtub!!
If this headline sounds suspicious to you, you're not alone. The Bachelorett contestant West Lee revealed that he was with his wife for seven years, married for 9 months, when she passed away. Ashley Hebert was shocked, along with many viewers, because you felt his pain when he spoke about her untimely passing.

  West Lee picture 
Turns out, West's wife died in 2007 following an argument she had with West, real name Adam West Lee. The 30 year-old attorney from South Carolina was arguing with his wife, Sarah Young Lee, about her three recent car accidents. After several minutes of arguing, Sarah stood up and said: "I've just had an epiphany!" before kissing West and going to the bathroom.
The Police Department : “There was no physical evidence on scene that suggested Sarah Young’s death was a homicide by Bachelorette contestant Adam West Lee. We had the coroner’s report. She had alcohol and marijuana in her system at the time of her death, but we’re not sure if she purposely killed herself.”
Sarah also had a history of seizures, depression, suicide attempts, and drug use. West actually caught her huffing computer cleaning spray only two weeks before her death. She told him that she'd had "an epiphany" and vowed never to do it again when he caught her sniffing.
Sarah was also in rehab before. Her parents say that she didn't begin partying and using drugs until she met West!! Sarah's parents also believe that he had something to do with her death, which isn't surprising. People will blame others for their pain. Which is normal! Do u think he is innocent?. Sad.!!

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