Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beyonce Knows How to Promote
Picture perfect Beyonce is always good to the camera. Jay-Z's wife is promoting her upcoming album, 4, and I guess you can say that this chick knows how to promote, and she doesn't even have to get naked.

Beyonce's sexy back

Beyonce enjoys experimenting with different looks, and she always looks gorge! My favorite photos are the ones above. How sexy is that thing she has on?! Just like some fans commented on the behind the scenes video footage that her camel released: "She's hot! We can't hate."
Work it B!

Beyonce topless picture!
Beyonce topless picture

Beyonce is topless and sexy. Beyonce knows how to seduce, doesn't she? This may just be one of my favorite photos of Mrs. Jay-Z?
                                       Beyonce short shorts photo!!!
   Beyonce short shorts photo
Beyonce is wearing short shorts and a very full afro wig and she looks hot, per usual. Beyonce is one of the best singers/ models around.

                                              Crazy makeup!!
Crazy makeup

Beyonce looks like her sister Solange in this photo. Beyonce's dress is gorgeous and her makeup is fun!
                       Beyonce works it again!!!

Beyonce works it again
Beyonce gives good face and she has yet to take a bad photo. Beyonce is so hot, she doesn't have to smile, she just has to look at the damn camera to make a photo work.

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