Saturday, June 25, 2011


Six die in Juhannus celebrations

life buoy on lake
Image: YLE / Arja Lento

This midsummer two people drowned, one was stabbed to death, traffic accidents
claimed two lives, and one died in a fire.
The first drowning victim was reported on Friday afternoon when a middle-aged man
 fell from a boat near Anttola in the southern Savo area. The other drowning occurred in
Central Finland's Karstula, after another man fell from a boat. The divers found the man's
 body after a three-hour search.

In Helsinki’s Tapanila, an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death at a home party on
midsummer night’s eve. The victim was stabbed in the chest by a 22-year-old man,
following an argument between the two. According to the police, the party was crashed
by uninvited guests. The police have begun an investigation into the crime, and have taken the
stabber into custody.

A fire broke out in a house in Pietarsaari on Friday evening around 7 pm. The house was
 in full blaze by the time the fire department arrived on the scene. A female resident was found
 dead in the house.

A man died in Kruununpyy, Ostrobothnia, after his car drove off the road around 9 pm on
 midsummer night’s eve. Another man lost his life the same night, as the car he was driving
swerved off the road in Jaala, Kouvola. A male passenger in the car was injured seriously.

Helsinki city centre fell silent during Juhannus eve. The police were instead kept busy in the
 suburbs, where they were occupied by assaults, among other disruptions.

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