Tuesday, August 2, 2011


New look: Viikki Billingham stands proudly in a size 12 black dress after losing a whopping 17 stone

Before: Vikki used to tip the scales at a staggering 27 stone before her weight loss

A mother who struggled to take her young daughter to the playground without getting out of breath is celebrating after losing an incredible 17stone. 
Vikki Billingham, who tipped the scales at a staggering 27 stone, could barely manage a trip to the shops and was embarrassed to go out most of the time. 
The mother-of-two from the West Midlands found it difficult to get clothes to fit her size 32 figure and her weight was preventing her from being active with her young daughter. 
with the help of diet magazines and a slimming group, the super slimmer is down to a svelte 10st 9lbs - and a size 12 - and loves nothing more than a trip out to get the latest fashions.

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