Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding Wax Figure Unveiled
This is one of those rumors that you have to see to believe. Well now you're seeing it! Kimberly Kardashian had a wedding theme wax figure made for her. The statue was unveiled in Hollywood yesterday.

Kim Kardashian wedding dress photo
Check out this photo of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress. It's gorgeous and it accentuates her assets beautifully.
The designer got Kimmy's rack right, but the hands on the hips while in a friggin' wedding dress is a bit much.

Kim waxed up
Kim Kardashian's wax figure looks like her. The designer got the breasts right.

Kim Kardashian Vera Wang wedding dress picture
Because Kim Kardashian and Vera Wang were in desperate need of publicity, they partnered up to design her wedding dress.

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