Thursday, September 29, 2011

        HOLIDAY IN TANZANIA 2011!!!
It was a short trip but boy we had fuuun.........!!!:)
 Dar-es-salaam Zoo!

 Mr Snake was there too wondering around!!

 South Beach Dar-es-salaam

 Streets of Dar-es-salaam as usual soo much traffic jams!

 Henna for our blessing party!!

 Zanzibar museum!

 On our way to Prison Island Zanzibar!!

 Spice tour,Zanzibar

 Mr Batterfly!!

 with his cultural tie! Loool

 Uroa beach resort,Zanzibar!

 What is Zanzibar without the DOORS OF ZANZIBAR?

 Kunduchi beach hotel!

 Bbq Party/Blessing party for us!

 Bungo Juice!!

 Forodhani, Zanzibar!

 Prison Island, Zanzibar

 And u think ur work is hard?

 Tanga beach resort! I recommend it guys! Its great!!

 Who pulls a motorbike? Tanzanians Can!! looool

My brother acting hyper as always! Love u Abuy!

Guess where?

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