Friday, January 27, 2012

Catch up with Rihanna!!


Rihanna nipples
Rihanna nipples photos have surfaced because Rihanna didn't wear a bra and she wore a see-through white tank top.
Rihanna no bra
Rihanna is walking around without a bra on, but she seems happy! She has gutts!!

Rihanna New Tattoo Photo
Rihanna showing off her new tattoo. Yup, it really says "thug life."

Rihanna bikini workout
Rihanna bikini workout

Rihanna Bikini Hawaii Image
Rihanna rockin' a bikini in Hawaii. Looking good, as always.

Rihanna for Armani
Rihanna for Armani
Rihanna has dark hair now and she looks stunning in black and white. Her eyes are gorgeous and she looks pretty adorable here.

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