Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do you still remember Ahmed Albaity??


I once posted something about a dear friend of mine Ahmed Albaity couple of months ago. If you remeber him then thats good. But if you dont then, Ahmed had a bad injury after hitting his head on the ocean base while diving. The accident led to body paralysis known as quadriplegia. Ahmed could no longer walk or do anything by himself, but by the grace of Allah his head is functioning normally.
Ahmed was asking for help through everyone in the world. Money, prayers, hopes and doctors that could help him be as healthy as he was before his accident. I posted his contact information and how to get him if you wanted to help him in anyway, so that he could get the money he needed to get him to  Berlin Germany at VIVANTES KLINIKUM IN FRIEDRICHSHAIN were a doctor called Prof. Dag Moskopp was going to help him. Thanks to all the people who helped him in every way, to get him to Germany. God will pay you inshaallah!

``We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark``.-Whoopi Goldberg

 ``Happiness comes to those who are moving toward something they want very much to happen. And it almost always involves making someone else happy``-Earl Nightingale


Ahmed in Germany! Thanks to all who helped him get to Germany for more treatment.

``All i can say to whoever reads this,i am a helpless person in everything. Eating,bathing,tending myself and other physical activities.I hope there are good ,caring and loving people out there who would love to see or hear that i have recovered completely. Your prayers are also important``- Ahmed Albaity

Here is his MRI

So when Ahmed got back from Germany i asked him what happened and these were exact words( i translated it from Swahili to English) he sent to me. And this was a short conversation we had:

ME:``A.aleykum Ahmed How are you doing? I am writing on my blog again about you! How are you now, after getting  back to Germany?! Did they help you in any ways? Did they promise that you will get better soon? Are you going to go to Germany for more treatment sometimes soon? How much more money do you still need?  Plz answer me soon coz i hope more people will help u insh when i keep on telling them about you! Couple of people asked me for ur contacts last time when i posted about you, so i dont really know if they sent you something or they just wanted to talk to you in person.

Ahmed: ``w.salam....well am still at the same condition really,they told me i was too late when i got there, and if they did the operation that i went there for, then my condition would be more worse than now. Its very risky..but they said i shouldnt dispair and keep hoping for the best. And they didnt tell me anything about never being better again. ....
And about Germany, i wont be going back again, maybe if there is another option. Honestly i dont really know what to do until now. Nobody have sent me anything. Its just my close people who are helping me.
Mirfat i am getting help from just the few friends and family i have got, but honestly it is not really enough for me to do everything what im supposed to do. I would be happy and appriciate if more people could help me financially, so atleast i could pay my physiotherapist, so that she could continue her work by helping me exercise since i stopped her because i dont have the money to pay her.

Close friends and family visiting Ahmed!!

Ahmed is not well still, and if you are willing to help my dear friend in any way.You will get him through this contact. Please read this and spread the news! By Gods Grace and your help my friend will be better again inshallah!!

Contact Info:
Phone: +255715681380
Skype Name : ahmed_albaity
Account details:
Account number: 5759819208


  1. Mungu amponye haraka. Miracles do happen, na imtokee kwake pia.Mungu ampe nguvu na uvumilivu kwake na kwa wote wanaomuhudumia


  3. Hi! I dont think its the samething coz Locked in syndrome is that, patient is aware and awake but cannot move or communicate verbally. But Ahmed can communicate well but cant move!

  4. ok. thanks sasa nimeelewa

  5. Pole sana Ahmed, hii ni mitihani ya mwenyezi mungu, tunamuomba alete miujiza yake na akuponye kwa haraka! pole sana dear

  6. inshaallah, Mungu ataleta baraka zake



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