Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Andrew!!!


We have one request for you, Uncle. We humbly request that you have the most amazing birthday ever!! Happy Birthday!

A special Birthday Wish
From a niece
That loves you
Hope your Birthday’s great
And all your Wishes come true!

Uncle on your Birthday
I’m sending plenty of Birthday Cheers
Cause Uncle your such fun
And to me you’re very dear
All the Best!

When I look back
On all the years that have past
There are special times
That stands out in my mind
So wonderful memories
That Uncle include you
Happy Birthday Uncle
Wish that all your dreams come true!

Whistle a tune
Sing a Song
A special day has come
It’s my Uncles Birthday
And were going to have some fun
Best Wishes for you

You’re so much fun to be with
You’ve never let me down
I want to tell you Uncle
You’re the best Uncle around
Happy Birthday!

May each day of your life be full of life's most important things, good friends, a special family, inner peace, and happiness. Happy Birthday, Uncle!

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