Monday, November 11, 2013

Pray for Philippines!!

Rescue workers struggled to reach ravaged towns and villages in the central Philippines on Monday as they tried to deliver aid to survivors of a powerful typhoon that killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced more than 600,000.

The powerful typhoon that swept across the Philippines on Friday, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall, cut a path of destruction through several central islands, leaving the seaside city of Tacloban in ruins and leading to early, unconfirmed estimates of as many as 10,000 dead.

Oh Lord please help everyone there and rest the souls of all lost ones Amen!

(CNN) -- Powered by ferocious winds, the fast-moving Super Typhoon Haiyan swept Friday through the Philippines, a country of more than 92 million people all too familiar with destructive storms.In the Philippines, they're calling it Super Typhoon Yolanda. Haiyan is the name given to it by the World Meteorological Organization and is the Chinese name for "petrel," a type of seabird.Typhoons are a numbers game, whipping up comparisons of intensity, wind speeds, gusts, rainfall and, for the people in their path, homes and lives lost, and dollars and time needed to rebuild.
On a number of counts, Haiyan could be the biggest of all, ever, anywhere.

So sad!

A view of a portion of a damaged highway in Getafe, Bohol a day after an earthquake hit central Philippines October 16, 2013.

A Philippine Navy boat (L) guards a cargo ship with its bow destroyed on August 17, 2013 after it collided with the ferry St. Thomas Aquinas the night before off the town of Talisay near the Philippines' second largest city of Cebu.

As part of all humans, it is good to lend a helping hand in one way or another! Please let us try our best to help in any way! We can try to stop atleast for this month buying any expensive stuffs for our selves. There are people who need our help more than a prada bag in your closet, an expensive watch that you are probably not gonna wear since its too expensive! 
Let us find some organizations and contribute something to the people of Philippines. Let us also not forget praying for them too! Coz sometimes prayers are more powerful than anything in our lives! 


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