Monday, September 14, 2015

Flat tummy anyone??


Well i was going through different web pages looking for my self some flat tummy exercises at home. After having Liam, its been quite hard to get my tummy back to the normal shape and size it used to be.
This is also caused by me loving food and lazy to exercise.Yes i do try once in a while or lets say 3 times a week to do something about it, but at the end of the day i missed 4 days in a week doing nothing but stuffing my self! lool
Ofcouse i cycle everyday ( 5 days) to take the little fella to school which is around two and a half  to three km just going there.
So i do get some fare share of exercise (on my behalf) every day but i dont think its enough.

The artical i read in had this below picture which had very clear explanation on how to do flat tummy exercises at home.

Yes there are thousands of exercises out there but i think we should start somewhere. And if these six moves will help even a bit then why not try.

Check these moves out and lets make it a start to a better healthier future.

I hope you got some pointers!! Lets get the moves on!!

Im Back!


Well its been a while since i last posted something on my blogs! Both Hakuna matata and La menu will also be updated as well so get ready to get more food recipes in La manu and my personal updates in Hakuna matata blog.
I will definately be posting here as well different kind of news, fashion and gossips :)

I hope you guys had a very great year!

Listen to this great music from Demi Lovato called Cool for the summer! Enjoy coz i am!!

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