Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen Of Hearts Initiative Development Project 2009

After being crowned the queen of hearts 2009, i had to choose a project and plan an event.
With the help of my organisation Powwerry, a charity event was suitable for me since i came
from an underdeveloped country Tanzania. I had to research and look around different orphanage
centers and i came up with this small place in Dar-es-salaam called Hiari Orphanage Center. After doing
the event ( night of kind hearts) here in Finland Helsinki we were able to provide  5 decor beds,
 matresses,pillows, mosquito nets, bedsheets and covers, 2 fans and lots of love!!
My project was a success thanx to my family, friends, Powwerry and everybody who contributed
 in the fund even with a bit of love!


I am willing to continue this project to try and help another orphanage centers out there!!
If just a little of help and the children look this happy!! What will just abit more of help do??!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My wedding

the blue dress was my AQD and the white for magistrate!!
It was the best days of my life!!
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